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Ralph Perri

On Sunday, July 23, 2017, Ralph Perri passed away at St. Agnes Hospital Hagerstown, MD, after battling 26 years of Parkinson's Disease. He is survived by Nora, his wife, his children, brother, and nieces and nephews. Ralph was as loyal as they come to his family, faith, and Penn State Football. In his later years, he enjoyed reading history books, watching football, and spending time with family and friends. He is and will forever be incredibly missed as a shining light in all of their lives. As an expression of sympathy, mermorial contributions may be made to a charity of your choice.


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07/18/18 05:56 PM #7    

Bonnie (Bonita) Bacher (Martin)

I am so saddened to learn he suffered with such a terrible disease. I shared classes w Ralph.  He was one tall guy ! He was always a friend, always a gentleman.  I have many fond memories.  RIP Ralph. Condolences to family. 

07/19/18 08:33 AM #8    

David Baycura

Very sorry to learn of Ralph's passing. Knew him and shared classes from Emily Brittan, shared time on the high school football field, and lived in adjacent dorm rooms freshmen year at Peen State  (PSU freshmen football players weren’t housed with the rest of the team then).  I didn’t know about his Parkinson’s and can only imagine how that was for him,, as I found him always a lively person.

Each time a person whose memory I carry leaves the earth, it feels as if another thread in my earthly tie gets snipped.  Nothing left to do, but live well.


Peace and eternal memory, Ralph.

07/19/18 10:54 AM #9    

Mark Duncil

Still can see his photo in the Butler Eagle when he made the squad at Penn State.

He was  a nice person and deserves eternal peace.

07/20/18 09:19 PM #10    

Pat Ogorchock (Green)

Ralph and I were in the same home room and our lockers were close together. He was such a great guy, we had some fun times. RIP, so sorry to hear of his passing and with such a dreadful desease.

07/21/18 08:23 AM #11    

Beth Shidemantle (Himebauch)

Ralph was such a great guy and good friend in high school. I was so sorry to hear about his long illness. Thoughts are with his family.

07/22/18 12:48 AM #12    

Sarah (Sally) Collins (Hill)

We have lost so many of our friends and are saddened for their passing, but knowing Ralph I am especially sorry... Ralph went with my best friend Linda Heaton on and off for a while. Ralph was always happy, giving, and had a good heart. He felt like the brother I never had. Most importantly he put other people first. Ralph made me feel like I belonged since I was not originally from Butler. 

On many occasions he and Linda would be at the Burger Hut or driving down Main St. and upon seeing me, Ralph would always know I was feeling displaced and lonely. He and Linda would insist that I "hang out" with them for a while, so hence I became the "third wheel" and we were just happy to be together. We always made a joke about it, but this "third wheel" knew when it was time to leave.

I am so sorry for his long suffering with Parkinson's. My cousin just passed from it and no one deserves to go through it.

I send my heart and prayers to his family 



07/23/18 11:00 AM #13    

Patricia DeMask (Ketterer)

It is hard to see our classmates passing. It makes you feel vulnerable. Life seems shorter. I moved to Butler  to start my sophomore year in the fall of 1968. We had such large class sizes and it was hard to meet  a lot of students. It took me three years just to know many. I missed the many years of friendships that developed from elementary school on that so many of you shared. Ralph was always friendly and kind.  I also thought he was so handsome. I am sorry to learn of his struggle with Parkinson’s. I think the visual of Michael J. Fox’s struggle, brings it home for all of us, as to the debilitation of this condition. I wish his family peace and comfort. I pray for continued research and advancements for all who face this challenge.

08/02/18 07:56 PM #14    

Karen Best (Brown)

I was so sad to see that Ralph had passed. He and I walked to Emily Brittain together in first grade. We looked for the green stucco house on the corner of Penn St. and that was how we knew to turn right. And we often spotted our moms hiding in bushes to make sure we arrived! Ralph was a lovely man. He'll be missed.

11/18/18 08:39 PM #15    

Karol Klotz (Reich)

I am so sorry to hear of Ralph's passing. I did not know he had Parkinson's Disease & I am sorry he had to endure that terrible disease. I remember sitting in the back corner in history class with a few others & laughing a lot. He was so smart in history. A really nice guy. Rest in peace.

02/22/20 05:26 PM #16    

Barry Garber

I received the notice of the 50 year class reunion and thought it will be great to see Ralph again. He was a good friend and we lost contact after college when he moved to the DC area. I am so sorry to hear of his passing.
Rest in peace Ralph. You will be missed.

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